Comune di Selargius
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The marble cross

In front of the City Hall square, between via Istria and via Trieste, lies one of the most interesting monuments of Selargius: sa cruxi ‘e’ marmuri (the marble cross). This cross was sculpted in 1425 by the artist Jeronimo Barder and commissioned by Simone Castay and Antonio Majia, as documented in the inscription carved in the podium.

The artwork was originally placed on a stone pedestal, which was replaced by a new podium in concrete in the 1960s. The sculpture is made with a granite column. On top of the column there is a stone cross decorated with the Crucifixion on one side and an unidentified Saint with a child on the other side.

The cross was part of the jurisdictional symbols, frequent in many towns, to mark the border of the church’s jurisdiction. This monument became a very important symbol for the history of the town and since 1989 has been pictured also in the Town official banner.

The story of the cross includes also some dramatic events. It was indeed the place for the public capital punishments until the XIX century; the last documented execution was the death of Rocco Cogoni in 1856.

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