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Madonna d’Itria

Entering inside the church and looking at the altar on the right side, immediately after the chapel dedicated to the Holy Cross, we can see the chapel dedicated to the Madonna d’Itria. The chapel belong to the Confraternity of the same name and conserves a retable by the artist Antioco Diana (dated 1772-1785). Gold is the main decoration of the retable, covering the four tortile columns that separate the niches and the flower decorative motives. The central niche conserves the sculpture of the Madonna d’Itria with two liberated slaves, an artwork from the Neapolitan school and purchased in 1733. The niches at the sides host the statues of Saint Raimondo Nonnato and Saint Benedict both of Neapolitan school. The “paliotto” on the front of the altar is adorned with flower motives similar to the style used on the embossed polychrome marble.

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