Comune di Selargius
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The huts

It seems plausible that the huts were built by digging in the ground, covering the ditch with wooden flooring to protect themselves from humidity and using clay bricks (from the finds). At the bottom of the huts of su Coddu, there are no holes placed for the support poles, which is typical in other villages of the same period. In this regard, a scientific article from 2010 reports two interesting hypotheses; the first one says that the roof consisted of a self-supporting wooden structure and the second, that in some cases, adobe mudbrick bricks were used as the base of the roof.

A chemical analysis carried out in 2017 on some fragments of mud and clay bricks shows that domestic spaces, the silos and wells were waterproofed by a three-layer coating: the first one in clay, the second in mud, and the third formed by a very thin patina of sand and lime mortar.

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