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Former Canonic Putzu’s house

In the center of Selargius, in the ancient street of Via Roma n.63, is one of the most represented buildings in Selargius’s history: former house of canonic Felice Putzu. The Campidanese house, built in 1775, is made of làdiris, has the typical porch with open arches made of terracotta bricks, which has two levels. In the past, besides the main rooms, there were also a woodshed, a brick oven, a cellar and storage rooms located mostly outside according to some documents of the Treasury office in 1940.

The entrance to the house has a large portal with a round arch, a double door and a doorknocker in the shape of a lion’s head that holds the metal ring between its jaws.

Inside the large internal courtyard is embellished with ornamental plants and equipped with a well. Like in all other campidanesi houses, the rooms open up to the porch (sa lolla) that protect them from the summer heat. In this house, sa lolla is developed in two different levels separated by three steps: the highest one with the roof is supported by wooden pillars, while the other resting on large brick arches. From here, is the access to a spacious room that was used in the past as storage. Today, the room displays a painting collection. In this space, the most striking is certainly the covering of the original and very well preserved juniper beams. On the first floor, there are the master rooms with ceilings decorated with art nouveau frescoes. The style is also in the floral motif decorations of the windows visible from the street and in the upper part of the façade. The house was inhabited until 1961 by the canon Putzu, then, it was purchased by the municipality of Selargius in 1989. Today, every second week of September the house hosts “su cumbidu” a wedding banquets of traditional Selargius wedding, as well as other events and exhibitions.

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