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Canonic Felice Putzu

The canonic Felice Putzu is without doubt one the major figures in the modern history of Selargius. He was born on March 4th, 1880. In 1902, he took minor orders and the following year he was appointed as parochial vicar. This was only the first of a long series of important ecclesiastical assignments assigned to him. For instance, he was a board member for the administration of ecclesiastical goods, censor for the press, and board member against modernism and canon of the cathedral, the title for which is he remembered. Music was his passion and in 1912, he was granted as organ player of cathedral and in 1940 became President of the commission for sacred music. From 1929, he worked as an archivist in the Archiepiscopal Curia until 1956. He was a relentless scholar of ecclesiastic history and hagiography, particularly of Sardinia, and wrote numerous monographs including: “ The saint Lussorio, Cesello and Camarino: martyrs of Sardinia”, “ Saint Olympia virgin martyr”, “ Saint Efisio martyr minor patron of the ecclesiastical province of Cagliari”, “Historical and artistic guide of the Cathedral of Cagliari” . In 1949, he was invited to participate in the first regional committee of the library association. Together with his brother Francesco, who was also a priest, donated the land for the construction of a religious institute to the Work of Divine Providence, it was then the location of the Seminary. He lived most of his time in Selargius, where he died on April 26th, 1961 at 81 years old. His house in via Roma was purchased by the municipality of Selargius, and today, every year the house hosts events and cultural exhibitions, and wedding banquets of a traditional Selargius wedding.

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