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Saint Anthony’s church

Just a few steps away from San Giuliano Church and from the Church of Beata Vergine Assunta, there is a small structure built in 1950 the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate (Saint Anthony the Great).

This Church was built in neo-gothic style on the site of a lost XVII century church. The building has a cusped façade with a pierced rose window and an adjacent tower with a bell gable. Over the entrance portal, there is a lunette with a painting of the Saint.

The interior layout has only one nave with pointed arch and semicircular apse. There are two side chapels with ribbed vaults and boss at the center. The left side chapel is decorated with the statue of Madonna del Carmelo. The main altar is decorated with an image of the Saint which probably dates back to the XVIII century.

In the past, several with parts of a painted retable were kept inside the church. The only surviving part is now kept in the adjacent clergy building.

The Church is dedicated to the Saint known also as Sant’Antonio de su fogu (Saint Anthony of the fire). This Church is the headquarter of the Confraternity of Madonna d’Itria, which every year organizes the feast in honor of Sant’Antonio, protector of the skin diseases and patron of farm animals and pets. During the celebration, the church is decorated with oranges and a big fire is lit in the night between January 16 and 17. The event continues with traditional folk songs, dances, give away of local sweets and blessed oranges.

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